For Owners
Calendar of Events

10/2/20 - Friday - Board of Directors Meeting at 4:00PM Pacific time
electronically via "zoom". More info to come.

10/3/20 - Saturday - There will be no Homeowners Annual Meeting or BBQ this
year since there is no election required and we expect to still be under
covid19 restrictions.
Financial Statements & Budgets
Architectural Review
Board Meeting Minutes & Newsletters
Formal Association Documents
Other Information
Mail Delivery
South Lake Tahoe (SLT) does not deliver mail to Tahoe Tyrol
homes.  Tahoe Tyrol does maintain a
mail drop building at the
clubhouse/pool location. Contact Tahoe Tyrol via Helsing to
learn of costs and availability if you need to rent one of these
mailboxes. This is only available to Tahoe Tyrol homeowners.
Alternatively, you could also arrange for a P.O. Box at the SLT
post office.