For Renters
Pool Area Monitor for Summer:
The pool area is closed after 8:00PM every evening.
Please be advised that Tahoe Tyrol will be providing a pool monitor to insure that only authorized users
are in the pool area.  The pool monitor will be on duty from 1:00 until 8:00 p.m., seven days per week
from early July through early September.  This monitor is there to ensure that every person/group
entering the pool facility is in possession of a valid “Pool Pass” tag/key & follows our rules for use of this
facility. NO ONE will be granted access unless in possession of a proper “Pool Pass” tag/key. No glass
containers, alcoholic beverages, amplified music or pets are allowed in the pool area. Be sure to follow all
the rules posted.
Trash and Area Maintenance
If you are staying in a Tahoe Tyrol home on a rental basis, you are expected to maintain the property in
accordance with Tahoe Tyrol standards.  That means the exterior of the home, decks, driveway and lot
must be kept clear of trash or other items at all times.  If you do not maintain the appearance of the
property, the homeowner will be contacted by the HOA to bring the property into compliance.  If the
property is not maintained after contact, the homeowner can be fined and suffer elimination of privileges
in Tahoe Tyrol.  As a renter, we assume you would not want that to happen, and implore you to treat
Tahoe Tyrol with respect and keep the home you are renting looking great.